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This Postal stamp is to commemorate the first ascent of Mount Everest by a Lebanese National.

It was proposed by the President of the Lebanese Republic, and was voted for unanimously by the council of Ministers in June 2006, shortly after Maxime’s return from the Mountain.

It is rectangular, and measures 11cm by 16cm.
Inside, lies another detachable stamp measuring 4cm by 5cm with Lebanon printed alongside the value of LBP3000.

The photos chosen were both taken on the summit of the Planet by Maxime’s camera with his climbing partner, Tibetan Sherpa Dorjee, releasing the shutter. It was at 6:25AM, shortly after sunrise, on Monday May 15th, 2006. Maxime considers this as his true birthdate…

None of the two photos shows Maxime’s face. Maxime himself insisted that this be so.

The title of the stamp is written in French and Arabic, and reads as follows:
“Maxime Chaya raises the Lebanese flag on the summit of Mount Everest. 15 May 2006.”

It was printed to 20,000 copies at Chemaly & Chemaly Printing Press under the strict supervision of the Lebanese authorities.

It was released for the public on July 2nd, 2007 for a philatelic period of 6 months during which anyone is able to buy it from any LibanPost office for its face value of LBP3000.
The stamp will be legal tender for all envelopes and parcels as of January 2nd, 2008.

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