Distance Covered: 14.1 Nautical Miles
3 degrees down 7 to go
three hundred and thirty three kilometers covered > 777 to go

the antarctic winds howl again – hold on

83rd Degree Milestone - Gear Wear & Tear - Day 18 - Antarctica Expedition

83rd Degree Milestone - Gear Wear & Tear - Day 18 - Antarctica Expedition

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Distance Covered: 13.83 Nautical Miles
we’re 5 minutes from the 83rd Degree!

winds have picked up again… nothing quite like before, where taking off a jacket required careful consideration to avoid having it fly off for good. good news is, the sun’s still shining!

we’ve all had small problems to deal with, nothing significant, but annoying nonetheless. however, we’re moving forward like never before – almost 14 NM clocked in one day!
faster, stronger, better. it’s the team spirit after all. –Max

Marble Bathrooms with A View – Anecdote

It was a bright blue sky with very light winds, so Hans and I decided to build a luxurious bathroom near camp.

Hans: I like to have a wall to lean on… You know what I mean?
Marble Floors, Jacuzzi, Cold AND Hot Water… and a Great View of course!

Max: Well, we’ve got the view! That’s a good start… ;)

Marble Bathrooms with a View - Day 17 - Antarctica Expedition

5 star latrine with a view

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Distance Covered: 14.06 Nautical Miles
Over 300 KMs Total!!

On the eve prior to our first rest day, we had to ski in a scary whiteout. the ever-present sastrugi persisted but luckily we only had light winds. Nevertheless, we had to navigate without visibility, and more importantly without GPS or a decent compass reading (compasses become less and less accurate as you get closer to the poles). Devon and I took turns Navigating up front, him with his compass and I with my Wind Ribbon. I learnt this technique from my good friend, Børge Ousland – the famous Norwegian Polar Explorer – with whom I skiied to the North Pole, back in 2004. Close to the poles, the wind blows from pretty much the same direction, coming usually from the pole +/- a few degrees.

Wind Ribbon Navigation:

1- Take Bearing with Compass
2- Compare Direction of the Wind Ribbon with the Bearing (should be the same)
3- Follow Wind Ribbon
4- Repeat every hour or so…

With the Wind Ribbons attached to my ski poles, we managed well in the whiteout, but had to climb up and down some huge sastrugi that we would have otherwise bypassed (by diverting our course a few meters) had we actually seen the satrugi coming. –Max

Wind Ribbon Navigation - Day 16 - Antarctica Expedition

Maxime Chaya’s Wind Ribbon
navigating in a complete whiteout using Børge Ousland Wind Ribbon technique

Wind Ribbon Navigation - Day 16 - Antarctica Expedition

Full Steam Ahead
Devon McDiarmid < Evelyne Binsack < Hans Foss in linear motion

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Seems the BUZZ around Maxime’s Three Poles Challenge is growing…

yet another Surprise! L'Orient Le Jour

a snippet about Maxime’s Expedition in the local French Newspaper
this just popped up, unannounced! what a pleasant surprise!

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Distance Covered: 13.54 Nautical Miles

We always cook in twos. Today it was mine and Evelyne’s turn.

Although we always cook in pairs, we invariably have with us a Chef… That Chef is incredibly and undoubtedly the best cook in the World, even better than a 3 Star Michelin. Also, unlike Michelins, this Chef is not specialized in one kind of cuisine – he can cook anything, anytime anywhere! He’s also inexpensive and apart from the occasional grumble, doesn’t make a sound!

Yet every day, we taste the wonderful food and the magic touch he adds to it.

You might be asking yourselves, “Who is this Chef?”

Well… you all know him. His name is Hunger! –Max

Maxime Le Chef - Day 15 - Antarctica Expedition

Maxime Le Chef
Maxime stirs the pot as he and Evelyne cook up a delicious dinner for The Team

Evelyne was not having a great day, and the fact that it was a near whiteout with no snow contrast on the tricky frozen sastrugi made things worse for her… Yet she persevered and we were able to clock in our usual distance! –Max

Evelyne Binsack. Down, but by no means out!

Maxime Le Chef - Day 15 - Antarctica Expedition

Evelyne Hydrating
thirsty Evelyne takes a drink out of her thermos
during a short break in the middle of a pure whiteout
here a thermos is as much for keeping liquids from freezing,
as it is for keeping them warm

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on Monday November 26, 2007 at ~11PM Lebanon Time:
Maxime Chaya calls in to say Marhaba Lebnen, LIVE on TV!

sorry about the video quality, a better version will be available soon

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