More Storms + More Snow = Super PDC

Bro Bill and I made our way to the top of the Mzaar (2450m) in the storm.

With zero visibility, we let the humming of LBC’s generator guide us to the top.

It kind of reminded me of that good Friday when I was struck by lightning…

The Mzaar Church Bell was frozen solid, so no Ding Dong today!

Maybe next Sunday… or rather not. The storm is still on!


Hello World!

Last (last?) weekend reminded me of my days on Everest: I went over the Patrouille des Cedres race course – Mid-Storm!
Mother Nature, one could say, was preparing itself for The Race by dumping over a meter of fresh snow all over Lebanon… what have YOU been doing to prepare yourselves?

Mother Nature prepares itself for Audi PDC!

my old merc almost didn’t make it… i seriously need quattro for this lifestyle

Mother Nature prepares itself for Audi PDC!

Mother Nature prepares itself for Audi PDC!

Mother Nature prepares itself for Audi PDC!

And it’s at it again! Fabulously Miserable Weather!

This is great news for the PDC! What a race it’s going to be!

Have you signed-up yet?! If not, then get right to it at >>> click here

Also, the skis donated by the Swiss Army have just arrived, so you can all start preparing for the BIG RACE this weekend… see you on Mount Lebanon, and be sure to check out for more information.

See you on the slopes,


Hi everyone, it’s Max,

I returned a little over a month ago, and it has been a month of resting, recovering, and enjoying all those little things that we all too often take for granted in our daily lives.

Now that I am recovered and that my scales are back to their regular reading of 78kg (172lbs), I have started training again, and my eyes and mind are bearing North… for March/April 2009.

In the meantime, there are lots of things happening on the local scene, and the very next one is the Patrouille des Cèdres (, the first iteration of the Annual International Back-Country Skiing Event in Lebanon, sponsored by Bank Audi. Follow the Link and Sign Up! see you there

this is one of the many views along the route of the Patrouille des Cedres
Faraya, Baskinta, Bekaa, Hermon
click here for High Res Version

Re the shout box; in case you were wondering, we were compelled to close it down simply because the spammers got to it in heavy numbers, and there’s apparently no effective way of controlling that. Sorry for the inconvenience. I for one truly miss your comments and messages, and I invite you to write to me either to my e-mail address max [at] the three poles [dot] com, or in the comments box beneath each post.

Stay in touch,