It’s always good to find an e-mail from Maxime in my inbox – he never disappoints!

This time around, he’s sent me photos of the Chabrouh Dam in Kfarzebian where he met with Dr. Fadi Kmeir along with a group of Rotarians.

Why he’s there taking photos is beyond me… perhaps he’s planning an event of some sort? He actually rode up there (and down) on his bike. That’s the bike with no engine, commonly referred to as a bicycle. What’s more, he took “the long way” up, through Nahr el Dahab.

Last year, the Chabrouh Dam in Kfarzebian was officially activated, and is now getting filled. About 200,000 cubic meters of water are currently filling it up daily from Nabh el Laban alone. That’s cubic meters, not liters! This is equivalent to Beirut’s water needs, and to think that most of this was going to waste in the sea previously…

Lebanon's Blue Gold - Chabrouh Dam Filling Up

The 63-meter high dam has a storage capacity of some 8 million cubic meters, and is located 40 kilometers northeast of Beirut.

Lebanon's Blue Gold - Chabrouh Dam Filling Up

The water from Nabeh el Laban has been harnessed into one large spring which has been filling-up the dam with a daily whopping 200,000 meters cubed of pure drinking water.

Lebanon's Blue Gold - Chabrouh Dam Filling Up

Lebanon’s most significant (and perhaps only) natural resource is water, or what I’m dubbing Blue Gold.

It is estimated that over 1 billion cubic meters of fresh water are ‘lost’ to sea every year. 1 billion cubic meters! And it’s renewable…

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