Max was asked to give the Elite start of the 2008 Beirut Marathon.

Max is no stranger to this, in part because he has run numerous marathons, and also because he happens to be a Board of Trustees member of the BMA (Beirut Marathon Association).

Short of carrying a sign on his back saying “I’d rather be Running”, max wore a blazer, and stood on the ‘other’ side of the start line (than he is used to).

Maxime Chaya

Hold your horses! There’s still three minutes before the start will be given!

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Dear all,
Apologies for my long absence.
I have been busier than ever of late, for many good reasons.
First and foremost, I am currently writing a book, which has proved to be a lot more time-consuming than I thought it was going to be,but I am enjoying every single page-paragraph-caption of it, as it is bringing back fond memories.
As you can see from the photos of the dummy (mock-up) and its box, it’s a coffee-table book, with some 480 pages of 24.5 x 31 cm each. With more than 700 full color photos,

STEEP DREAMS; My Journey to the Top of the World

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Pictures from College des Soeurs des Saints Coeurs-Kfarhbab

Maxime with Sister Hyam Abou Jaoude, the school director, and Mrs. Ghada Costanian

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The Evangelical School students watching the presentation on the screen, via Maxime’s all-new feather-light MacBook Air.

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