Maxime Chaya via Iridium (Part 1)
Day 13 Briefing in Arabic

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Maxime Chaya via Iridium (Part 2)
Day 13 Briefing in Arabic

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We made good progress today covering 6.4 nautical miles in 7 hours & 15 minutes. We were lucky to find a frozen lead trending North by Northwest, which we were able to follow for almost 2 miles. Finding a lead to travel on is akin to getting out of bumper-to-bumper traffic and getting on a super highway, with no obstacles to block your progress. A lead running due north is rare, but if it is trending in the right direction it is often a blessing!

We also encountered some more polar bear tracks, which always adds some excitement.

Stuart answers the question: “How do they go to the bathroom?”

Everything is organized in the tent, and then they run outside every morning, do their business, and then run back to the tent thinking “I’m glad that’s over!”
All three of us have our routines down to less than 3 minutes – including the dash to and from the tent!

The expedition is as hard if not harder than I anticipated, but I am thankful for our progress and good spirits so far.

Our current location in degrees, minutes and seconds is N83.49.52 W77.53.16

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