Maxime Chaya - North Pole Expedition
Crossing a Massive Recently Frozen Lead (thin ice)

Yet another beautiful day.

We have experienced tremendous weather on this expedition and we are thankful every day for the rising sun, calming winds and warming temperatures.

We are experimenting drying out different pieces of gear which are icy with condensation.
Stuart is presently skiing with his parka stretched over his sled and if it dries sufficiently we will try this with our sleeping bags.

Today we encountered a few more leads, but nothing as big as the other day. On one lead both Stuart and Lonnie stepped through some unconsolidated ice getting one foot wet, but they quickly recovered.

We traveled 12.2 miles in 10 hours.
Our current position in degrees, minutes and seconds is N86.57.54, W78.51.36.

Maxime Chaya via Iridium
Day 35 – French

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Maxime Chaya via Iridium
Day 35 – Arabic

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