Maxime Chaya - North Pole Expedition
Smooth Ice for an Easy Glide

Maxime Chaya - North Pole Expedition
Fresh Polar Bear Tracks…

Maxime Chaya - North Pole Expedition
It’s a Beautiful Day

Maxime Chaya - North Pole Expedition
Max all Dressed Up

We had several “firsts” on this day…

This is the first day our sleds have truly felt light. The sleds are in fact getting lighter as we eat food and consume fuel, but another reason our sleds felt light was because we were gliding so well on the snow, which brings us to another “first”, a temperature of -10 F. That’s a 40 degree temperature difference from just over a week ago. The warm temps and easy glide allowed us to travel longer (8.5 hours) during which we made 9.25 miles.

It was so pleasant and easy to set up the tent in such warm conditions. I must emphasize, the sleds felt a lot lighter with the little extra glide. Everyone is very happy with our progress.

Our current position in degrees, minutes and seconds is N84.27.40, W78.22.xx

Maxime Chaya via Iridium
Day 18 Briefing in Arabic

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