Maxime Chaya via Iridium
Day 1 Briefing in English and Arabic

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Ellesmere View from Twin Otter
flying to the starting point – Ellesmere from Twin Otter

Lonnie – Team Leader – sent this dispatch:

Today we departed Resolute Bay at about 8:30 EST (Eastern Standard Time) in a turbine DC3 aircraft – a remnant of WWII still commonly in use in remote locations.

We landed on Eureka at the weather station about 1 hour 40 minutes later to meet a waiting Twin Otter aircraft piloted by one of the finest pilots in the Arctic, Troy of Kenn Borek Air.

We then landed at Cape Discovery rather than Ward Hunt Island.

The ice conditions at Cape Discovery looked very good and there is likely to be less drift from this point than Ward Hunt, so we made the quick decision to land at Cape Discovery.

This puts us a couple miles south of Ward Hunt, but with the better traveling conditions we hope to quickly make up the time.

We started at N 82.59.00 / W77.25.30 and ended at N83.01.36 / W77.32.04, making 2.3 miles north.

The weather is clear and COLD (-48 C / -55 F). When I went to put on the waist belt of my harness the interior foam snapped like crackers.

But we are all safe and sound in our tent with full thermos of hot water and dinner on the stove.

Everyone is in good spirits and we are happy to be where we are.

Just boarded the Twin Otter. We’re heading out to Eureka, and then to Ward Hunt Island.

Tomorrow should be the Official Day 1 of the Expedition.

Stay tuned for news from the ICE!