Things are looking bleak…

Maxime Chaya via Iridium
Day 50

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Maxime Chaya - North Pole Expedition
Maxime pulling his sled through an overwhelming ridge

Today we had a good day of travel… We passed the 88th Degree!!! Just 2 more to go!
This is a huge achievement, we feel like we are in the home stretch.

While skiing today Lonnie noticed that even his shadow looks skinny. Despite eating 8,000 calories a day (nearly 2.4 lbs of dry food) all three of us are losing weight. It’s clear that food occupies much of our thoughts!

Our position today in degrees, minutes, and seconds is N88.02.19, W76.23.15.

Maxime Chaya via Iridium
Day 41

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We started the day with some horrible ice that we could not find a way out of.

But there is always an end to the rubble somewhere and finally we found our way onto decent ice. The result was our best daily mileage yet with 7.9 nautical miles in 8 hours of travel.

The temperature was a frigid -34 F in the morning, and -30 F by evening but it was sunny and beautiful.

Ellesmere Island has disappeared beyond the horizon behind us helping it feel like we’re making real progress.

We are working extremely hard, and have upped our caloric intake by eating 2.4 sticks of butter a day in breakfast and dinner.

Our current position in degrees, minutes and seconds is N84.18.25, W78.12.16.

Maxime Chaya via Iridium
Day 17 Briefing in Arabic

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