Here’s a recap – in photos – of some technologies used on my recent North Pole Expedition:

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I knew the North Pole challenge (the last of my Three Poles) was going to be very tough, and equally dangerous. I began serious preparations well in advance, and even skied the last degree to the North Pole proper, as far back as 2004. Still, it proved even tougher, and more dangerous than I ever imagined! Like I said to a South African reporter shortly before leaving in February 2009, almost all these long, hard endurance events are won in the mind rather than the body. Indeed, keeping the faith and remaining mentally strong throughout the expedition is what made it a success. I am extremely happy and relieved that we all made it back from the Arctic Ocean in good health, and that despite the tremendous challenges, we achieved the objective in the desired time. Last, we have a local saying here which seems appropriate: “To be remembered, but not repeated!”

Max Chaya June 2009

Maxime plants the Lebanese Flag on the North Pole – more photos!

On June 1st 2009, Bank Audi invited the 5th graders of the International College (IC) (170 students) to meet Maxime Chaya, and watch his North Pole and Everest documentaries.

The students were extremely touched and impressed and…. couldn’t stop asking questions.

Maxime sent off the students with signed postcards featuring his 7 Summits.

Maxime Chaya

Maxime Chaya

Maxime Chaya

Maxime Chaya

Maxime Chaya on a special episode of Kalam Al Nas
with Marcel Ghanem, on Thursday, May 7, 2009
at 9:30 pm (Beirut Time) on LBCI.

Maxime will talk about his North Pole Expedition,
his Three Poles Challenge,
and his Grand Slam!

you can schedule an Interview by calling Maya Teryaki
at +961 1 96 49 48