waiting is hard on the nerves

Still here in Resolute airport. Empty.

waiting is hard on the nerves

Weather had deteriorated earlier at Eureka, unfortunately..

If weather improves, we will go to Eureka, and sleep there at the Weather station. v expensive, but only place, and it’s a step closer to our goal.

However, it doesn’t look like we will fly today, and due to previous engagements with the Charter Company, we may not be able to fly until Friday.

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We are now at Resolute Airport.

First Attempt to Ward Hunt - no go

We came here at 7am, our sleds and skis were already loaded on Kenn Borek Air’s DC3.
We were driven to the craft, given all the safety instructions. Only the 3 of us and the pilots on the flight.
We sat on the left side, adjacent to a row of fuel barrels lined on the other side.

First Attempt to Ward Hunt - no go

First Attempt to Ward Hunt - no go

The DC3 taxied across, got to the runway, then made a U turn. The pilot came over the loudspeaker saying, bad visibility at Eureka, we will stay put for another hour, and watch the weather situation…
So we taxied back to the hangar, and were driven back to the warmth of the Airport lounge.
Hard on the nerves. So hard.

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The 12-hour weather report just came in. Clear.
So all is set for us to fly out to Ward Hunt Island early tomorrow morning.

No word yet from John and Tyler, or Christina, but “no news is good news”.

Good night, and next time I’ll write, it will be from the ice!


Hello everyone down South,
As it is all too often the case on expeditions, especially ones to remote places such as the North Pole, “hurry-up and wait” is sometimes the name of the game.

After the hectic preparations of the past two days, our sleds were finally all packed-up and ready to leave this morning, and we waited, all dressed-up, for the Pilots’ green light… which came quite late, in a kind of shy way. Then when we got dressed again, and loaded the sleds in the van, conditions deteriorated further, and the pilots asked us if we didn’t mind postponing until tomorrow.

Yes, it is a race against time since Barneo shuts down around April 26th, but Lonnie, Stuart and I have no choice but to wait-out the weather.

Our sleds are now at the airport, along with our skis, but we will stay the night here at South Camp Inn where Ozzie and Randy, and the rest of the team is taking good care of us, in the hope of flying out tomorrow.

Lonnie now has a bug similar to the one I had a couple of days ago, and another night in the comfort of a roof and heating will do him good.

Fingers crossed for Lonnie, and the weather.

Meanwhile, I will try to turn this negative into a positive by nursing my own stomach bug, and getting much needed rest before we set off.

And although it is a race against time, this is a long drawn-out race, and I am confident that we will make-up for the lost time in due course.

Warm regards from a windy and cold Resolute Bay – Nunavut – Canada

I have just been speaking to Ozzie…

We will not fly today…
Conditions on the runway were OK when Huston, Fish and Franco left at 7AM, but about 90 minutes ago, the pilots rang saying that NO CAN FLY.

Rick went out to try to speak to them, but according to Ozzie, it won’t change anything.

Lonnie will be – let’s just say – relieved at this bit of info… He is sleeping up in his room right now.

Oh well! I better go upstairs and take off those layers..

One day more… one day less, it won’t make a difference in the end. I just hope the weather will be OK tomorrow morning… We can only fly in the morning, because up at WHI, it’s still very dark, and the planes cannot effectively land unless there is some twilight around noon.

trip to Resolute - North Pole Expedition - Maxime Chaya

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