Maxime Chaya - North Pole Expedition
Midnight Sun Dogs

The wind has died down, the race is ON!

We’re a lean mean skiing machine, well-greased and as efficient as we’ll ever be. The only thing we can’t control is the weather and the drift, both of which have been calmed down by your persistent prayers… thank you.

With some fantastic Strategizing and Coordination, we were able to cross paths with Rick Sweitzer and his teams, who were carrying our missing food: the second resupply only delivered 10 of the 15 days of food we were expecting, so Rick carried the remaining 5. Thank you Rick!!!

We are now packed and loaded, and nothing, I repeat nothing, will stand between us and the North Pole.

Maxime Chaya via Iridium
Day 51

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Lonnie Dupre – Team Leader
Day 51

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Maxime Chaya North Pole
Stuart Smith

Maxime Chaya North Pole
Lonnie Dupre

Today we made 5.9 nautical miles in 7 hours of travel. The ice conditions were better than yesterday, with roughly 1/3 of the day in rough ice, and the rest meandering in a zig zag fashion trying to avoid the worst of the very prominent snow drifts that exist in the lee of every piece of ice.

In general during the expedition the wind has been blowing mostly east to west, sometimes west to east at approximately 5-15 mph. This means that the snow drifts are all east-west. Heading north we have to cross them all the time. This makes for a LOT of work!

The wind brings some other challenges, like protecting your face from frostbite. We are all watching out for each other in this regard, letting each other know if there is a patch of skin that is exposed. But the wind can also bring some beautiful sights, like today when the blowing snow particles in air scattered the sun’s rays making a multitude of sun dogs appear behind us towards Ellesmere. “It was beautiful” is an understatement.

Our position in degrees, minutes and seconds is N83.43.28, W77.40.18