Today we had perfect weather… bright, sunny, calm and -26F.

We traveled for 9 hours and made 10.2 nautical miles.

So what does someone think about all day as they ski to the North Pole?

Stuart spends the first 1/3 of the day thinking about how long the last 2/3 of the day will take. He also thinks about what’s going on at home and what he’s missing. He spends a lot of time being appreciative of his family.

Max, who has just completed his first book, thinks about his second book – more of a memoir than a picture-book – in between prayer and thoughts of loved ones back home.

Lonnie thinks about Bob Dylan. Why Bob Dylan? He’s got several Dylan playlists on his iPod and he thinks about the different ways that the lyrics can be heard.

Otherwise, all is well and although we are all eating well we are still losing weight and we will be a scrawny bunch when we reach the pole.

Our position today in degrees, minutes and seconds is N85.32.40, W78.53.57

The 12-hour weather report just came in. Clear.
So all is set for us to fly out to Ward Hunt Island early tomorrow morning.

No word yet from John and Tyler, or Christina, but “no news is good news”.

Good night, and next time I’ll write, it will be from the ice!