Slot Overview: Prometheus, the Titan of Fire

The Ancient Greeks would have endured in popularity regardless of their many achievements in fields as diverse as democracy, art, theater, philosophy, mathematics, and science. In particular, Greek mythology is rife with fantastical people, places, and tales. Legend has it that a man named Prometheus stole fire from the gods and bestowed it upon humans in the form of advanced science, engineering, and culture. Prometheus is sometimes shown as creating humans from clay in other versions of the story. Who can say? The constant struggle for food, territory, and resources would have kept mankind in the dark ages if not for Prometheus’ gift of fire and tools.

In honor of this figure, Swedish developer Fantasma Games has created a video slot game titled Prometheus, Titan of Fire. Maybe it’s in the name, but Fantasma Games really knows how to make a visually appealing slot out of a topic like Greek mythology. Another game that follows this trend is Prometheus: Titan of Fire, which is situated in a dark, underworld-like environment. Maybe Prometheus took the fire from here. The mood is great, since there are columns and many Greco allusions, as well as familiar figures on the reels. Good enough to make you worry about what will happen if people start mashing the play button.

Bets may range from 20 pence to £/€100 each spin, and players can use a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Prometheus: Titan of Fire has a moderately volatile math model (there is also an RTP model with a return to player percentage of 94%), which may not appeal to players who love highly wound slots. The game action takes place on a five-reel grid that is configured as follows: 3-4-4-5. There are 40 fixed paylines available to consumers in this configuration.

There are eight pay symbols on the reels: four low-pay gem tiles that pay 1x the wager for five of a kind, and four higher-paying symbols (the eagle, the Minotaur, Medusa, and apparently Prometheus) that pay 2-5x the bet for five of a kind. Wilds can complete winning combinations by themselves (3 or 4 of a kind) or by substituting for other symbols (2, 3, or 4 of a kind).

Slot Characteristics of Prometheus, the Titan of Fire

The bonuses in Prometheus: Titan of Fire include a variety of currency collecting, respins, and free spins.

Instantaneous Data Collection Mode

The Fire Collect symbol appears on reels one and five, whether in the main game or the bonus round. The coin values are rewarded if a Fire Collect symbol appears on reels two, three, and four at the same time as a coin symbol or symbols. The value of a coin might range from one multiple of the bet up to thirty.

Reverse Twist Collection

If two Fire Collect symbols appear, the Double Collect Respin feature is activated. Only coins or blanks appear on reels 1 and 5, and you have three respin opportunities. Any more coin symbols that land on reels two, three, and four will remain there permanently. All visible coin values are rewarded twice after the respins conclude.

Bonus Turns

In the regular game, getting three bonus symbols triggers a bonus round where you get 12 free games. Each of the middle three reel positions begins the free spins bonus round with a Hot Spot rating of 1. At the conclusion of each spin, the Hot Spot value is increased by one for each coin symbol that landed during the spin. When being paid out, the value of each coin is increased by the Hot Spot Level. The top tier is level 5. All bonus symbols that appear during the round are also tallied. The order in which payments are made is as follows:

If you gather 4 bonus symbols, you’ll get 4 more free games and the values of 4 to 6 hotspots will rise.

If you collect 9 bonus symbols, you’ll get an extra 4 free spins and the values of 4 to 6 hot spots will grow.

Once the current round of free spins is over, collecting 15 bonus symbols activates Super Free Spins.

Amazingly Free Turns

Super Free Spins include all previously active hotspots from previous free spins. Reels 1 and 5 have a collect symbol locked in place, and reels 2, 3, and 4 have coin symbols locked in position. After this, you have 5 re-spins during which any newly appearing coin or gather symbols will remain fixed in place. After a certain number of respins have concluded, the corresponding number of coin values are gathered.

Additional Purchase Bonus

Finally, if the free spins bonus is an option, players can pay 70 times their initial wager to get it. Your return on investment (ROI) might be as high as 96.4% if you do this.

Titan of Fire Prometheus: The Case for Slot Machines

Some say that as punishment for stealing fire from the gods and providing it to the people, Prometheus was chained to a rock and had his liver devoured by an eagle every day. His liver would repair itself as he slept, allowing him to start again with his punishment the next day. Not nearly as depressing as that, but there are certain issues with Prometheus Titan of Fire that linger and might have been fixed to make the game more enjoyable. The first is the disappointingly meager 1,356x upside. In the cutthroat world of online slots, one would wonder why one would choose a Greek mythology game with so limited potential when there are plenty of other games that are at least as enjoyable but don’t feel quite so cheap.

If you can get beyond that number, Prometheus: Titan of Fire is actually very good. The visual design is solid; it’s not a Fantasma Games masterpiece, but it’s pleasing to the eye. The features may use some fine-tuning, but they’re serviceable for gamers interested in hold ‘n win-style games. The method that Fantasma Games has implemented isn’t as in your face as, say, the Money Train 3 slot machine, but it’s also not really aimed at the same demographic. This is supported by a mathematical model that exhibits medium volatility.

Overall, Prometheus: Titan of Fire was a serviceable experience. For the proper player, this may be a fun distraction. Except for the little irritations caused by the payments, it didn’t really do any harm, but it also didn’t particularly stand out. Playing Prometheus Titan of Fire isn’t as bad as being chained to a rock and having your liver devoured, but there are better options in the competitive mythology online slot genre.






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